If you are looking for a bathing beach in Kinneret that is not another bathing beach but one that is heaven on earth - you are invited to Bora Bora beach - the beach that brings Bora Bora to Israel and makes sure that you don't stop having fun.
The beach is located at the northern exit of Tiberias, on road 90, and it offers everything you can imagine:

beautiful view - Bora Bora beach is abundant with springs that burst from the land into the sea and are a spectacular sight.

order and cleanliness - The beach is guarded and organized all the time by the staff of the place, who makes sure that all the facilities and accessories in the place are properly maintained.

Lawns and family area - Shaded sitting on beach chairs The area is intended for families, in this area you can sit with things you bring from home (sandwiches, soft drinks/sodas, cut fruits and vegetables and snacks for children only) Please note that other food items cannot be brought to the beach.

Designed and rich bar - On the beach, a bar designed in the Bora Bora style awaits for you, offering you a wide variety of drinks that are simply fun to drink.

Special beach restaurant - Sitting on pampering cheap sofas at the Bora Bora beach restaurant, we invite you to taste a wide variety of wonderful dishes, which will leave you wanting more. It is not possible to sit in this area with things unrelated to the restaurant menu.

Facilities - At Bora Bora Beach, you have at your disposal showers, changing rooms, deck chairs, sunbeds, cheap corners, rattan couches and much more.

לחוף בורה בורה שירותי הצלה.

Beach activity hours
Sunday - Saturday between 10:00 - 18:00

Price list for entrance and use of the beach facilities

Sunday-Thursday, adult and/or child - ₪65  

Friday-Saturday, adult and/or child - ₪65

Beach entry conditions:

  • Animals are not allowed on the beach
  • Hookahs and glass bottles are not allowed
  • Food and drinks are not allowed (except for sandwiches, soft drinks, fruit and snacks for children)
  • The instructions of a lifeguard must be obeyed.
  • There are floating surfaces on the beach. Jumping into the water is prohibited, children under 12 are required to be accompanied by their parents when entering the water.
  • Nuts of any kind are not allowed.
  • At the entrance to the beach, an inspection will be conducted on the entrant's belongings.
  • Do not light a fire in the beach area.
  • Don't bring surfboards and surfing equipment.

So if you are looking for the perfect way to spend time at sea - the answer is Bora Bora.
We will be happy to see you!!!

*** The pictures are for illustration only, the area of ​​the lower beach has been significantly reduced due to the rise of the Sea of ​​Galilee Virtual tour.


Bora Bora Beach

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