Want to organize a training day for your employees?
Bora Bora is exactly the place for you.

So what do we offer you?

A consolidation day that the employees won't stop talking about long after it's over!

  • Arrival at Bora Bora beach and an impression of the beautiful nature and the spectacular view of the Sea of ​​Galilee
  • Gathering in a shady place for mingling, drinking and snacking
  • A treatment tent in a quiet corner where employees are offered a variety of massages and body and mind treatments
  • Water sports of all kinds - kayaks, banana boat, ski boat and more...
  • SAP workshop - professional training that will teach the employees to surf the surfboard with fun
  • A rich and varied meal suitable for all employees
  • DJ and amplification services that will play music according to the rhythm of the employees
  • Caribbean style bar with a variety of alcohol and indulgent cocktails

About Us

The Bora Bora beach team consists of people with many years of experience in organizing training days and fun days for employees in companies and organizations. We make sure that your fun day is solidifying, experiential and real fun. We plan the formation day for you down to the last detail, in order to make your dream come true perfectly.

Bora Bora Beach has all the necessary approvals for organizing events, formation days and fun days, including a business license, bathing insurance, water sports insurance and all other required insurances, rescue services, security services and everything you need!

We at Bora Bora offer customized catering services for every customer, including vegan and vegetarian options.
Premium meat meal
The customer is offered three types of meat (kebab, chicken, aged sirloin) High quality and freshness! From the butcher straight to the plate. 
Platinum meat meal
4 types of meat after deep smoking for 5 hours:
Lamb asado, entrecote, sirloin and whole marinated poultry. A very rich and high quality meal.
The falafel of Tiberias
A light meal where we bring you the aromas of a Taberini market like in the old days.
Vegans and vegetarians we have not forgotten you 
For vegans and vegetarians - you can get vegan pasta, vegan vegetable stir-fry, eggplant baldi and tahini,
Fried cauliflower with garlic and lemon, salmon or pulled fillet. *Gluten-free bread can be ordered in advance

Upgrade your fun day with a fruit cart and an Italian ice cream stand assembled by a vintage motorcycle.

Bora Bora beach offers professional bar services customized for the type of event!
There are three bar counters on the beach 
Tahiti Central Bar - a professional and well-equipped bar, bar stations for preparing drinks and cocktails, a wine refrigerator with a huge variety, cigars, espresso bar, beer facilities and everything required for entertaining. perfect.
Tiki bar – Front cocktail bar. In recent years the cocktail trend has jumped a notch. The tiki bar is an additional bar to create a quality and elegant atmosphere.
Beach bar - A service bar located in the lower part of the beach right in the bathing area - the bar provides a pick-up service to provide accessibility and quick service to the customer.



At Bora Bora beach for groups, we take care of a perfect setting also in the field of water sports

We offer you to combine as part of a formation day / company event also water sports that include:

  • Water sports - a ski boat equipped with banana skis, tubes, skis
  • Self launching kayaks
  • SAP board workshops accompanied by a guide
  • Water trampoline - highly recommended
  • Floating volleyball court
  • Floating island with sunbeds

It is also possible to participate in sports on the beach:

  • beach games - Backgammon, rackets, volleyball court.
  • table games – Hockey, table football, snooker, ping pong
  • Zumba workshop, aerobics workshop

A professional treatment complex that provides you with treatment from head to toe by experienced therapists. The treatment is done in a separate and intimate area to give you complete privacy and isolation during the treatment.

You arrive after a long drive and a tiring morning at Bora Bora beach...

Now close your eyes and let us give you a perfect treatment because you really deserve it.

From us you will receive alternative therapists from the best and most experienced in the field, flight attendants, treatment beds and mattresses, towels, sheets, a decorative shading tent and more...

Do you want a personal experience that is also a group experience?
In addition, we will also be happy to offer you workshops:
Yoga, tai tsai, meditation, capoeira, playing cards, numerology and more...

We have a wide variety of creative activities and content for a perfect holistic envelope for the fun day / company event / formation day.

Sample stations:

  • Jewelry making workshops
  • graffiti
  • Paul Moon
  • Hair design with Caribbean style beads
  • Face Drawings
  • Nail polish
  • Fish spa and more..

Formation with adjusted content according to the needs of the group
We will also be happy to build activity centers for you that combine a variety of games, building rafts, jeep tours and more...


For any request you can contact the Bora Bora beach team



Bora Bora Beach

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